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because everyone has a story

Welcome to Our Supportive Shared Housing for Recovery

Our drug and alcohol-free living environment provide a supportive space for individuals who are seeking to maintain a sober lifestyle while living in a communal setting.

People-Centered Location

Our shared housing community is conveniently located near public transportation, grocery stores, and local amenities. We believe that access to essential resources and services is critical to supporting a successful recovery journey. 

Choose YourTreatment Therapy

We ​believe participants have ​a right to chose their own ​path for recovery.​ We support ​medically approved ​treatment for addiction, ​depression and ​other dual diagnosis.​

Beautiful Homes in Safe Neighborhoods

Our shared houses meet or exceed​ national standards for recovery housing. We start with beautiful ​homes in safe, secure neighborhoods so participants can focus on recovery.

Homes for Healing 

We ​understand recovery can be a challenging process that requires Support,​ Compassion, and Accountability. ​Parable Houses utilize ​the Kate’s House ​vision and creative ​practices to provide ​homes for healing.​

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